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Restructured language page to encourage submission of improvements

No programming needed

Please help us improve our translations. It's not hard. You don't have to be a programmer.

Adding a new language

  • Download the [export:swish/po/template/swish.pot POT template file]
  • Translate it into your language (or as many languages as you know) using a handy tool such as  Poedit or  Virtaal
  • Submit it back to us at

Improving an existing translation

  • Dowload one of the following translations:
    • [export:swish/po/nl/swish.po Dutch]
    • [export:swish/po/de/swish.po German]
    • [export:swish/po/ru/swish.po Russian]
    • [export:swish/po/tr/swish.po Turkish]
    • [export:swish/po/he/swish.po Hebrew]
    • [export:swish/po/cs/swish.po Czech]
    • [export:swish/po/es/swish.po Spanish]
    • [export:swish/po/fr/swish.po French]
    • [export:swish/po/it/swish.po Italian]
    • [export:swish/po/ja/swish.po Japanese]
    • [export:swish/po/pl/swish.po Polish]
    • [export:swish/po/hu/swish.po Hungarian]
    • [export:swish/po/sk/swish.po Slovak]
    • [export:swish/po/zh_TW/swish.po Chinese (Traditional)]
    • [export:swish/po/zh_CN/swish.po Chinese (Simplified)]
    • [export:swish/po/hi/swish.po Hindi]
    • [export:swish/po/pt/swish.po Portuguese]
    • [export:swish/po/sv/swish.po Swedish]
    • [export:swish/po/bg/swish.po Bulgarian]
  • Open it using a handy tool such as  Poedit or  Virtaal
  • Update the translation
  • Submit it back to us at