12:37 Ticket #154 (rsa/dsa keys or integration with pagent?) created by jeff@ioLtd.com
Pagent manages keys, puttygen creates or imports keys that pagent manages. …


13:02 Ticket #153 (Download limit) created by axelgenus@gmail.com
Hi, I'm trying Swish and it's awesome! I have a problem tough and I'm …


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07:14 Ticket #152 (Unable to access the directory) closed by alamaison
wontfix: Swish is for SFTP only. FTP support is already built in to Windows.
04:23 Ticket #152 (Unable to access the directory) created by wiirtacoha@gmail.com
Hello. When I try to double-click on my new created ftp shortcut, I get an …


07:44 Ticket #47 (Allow editing host folder entries) closed by alamaison
duplicate: Duplicate of #37.


08:57 Ticket #151 (blue screen on win 7) created by anonymous
Hi, very fast and swift installation, easy to use, and hardly any problem …
06:17 Ticket #150 (Filename extensions are hidden) closed by alamaison
duplicate: Duplicate of #90.
05:42 Ticket #150 (Filename extensions are hidden) created by Koshdukai@gmail.com
After installing swish-0.6.0.exe on XPsp3 and creating successfully an …


09:47 Ticket #149 (normal FTP server) closed by alamaison
wontfix: Replying to alexander.meyer@…: > But why you don't support …
09:22 Ticket #149 (normal FTP server) created by alexander.meyer@leserauskunft.de
Hi, your tool looks great, because it has its only "environment" and …


05:52 Ticket #148 (Logout for each connection) created by andreas.in.hk@googlemail.com
Hi, thanks for providing the swish software, its very nice and good to …
03:17 Ticket #147 (Using certificates for identification) created by anonymous
My remote sites use certificates to identify the users, so nice as it is, …


15:16 Ticket #146 (Refresh required after transfer) closed by alamaison
duplicate: Duplicate of #55.
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