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Opened 5 years ago

Drag'n'drop is not intuitive

Reported by: anonymous Owned by: alamaison
Priority: major (affects peripheral workflow) Milestone:
Component: undefined Version: 0.8.2
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When moving files from another windows explorer to swish:
you have to drop files ON REMOTE FOLDER, you can't use file manager drop area.
Otherwise swish encounters the error FX_NO_SUCH_FILE.

How to reproduce:
1) open connection to remote server
2) go to "public_html" or such dir
3) drag'n'drop local file to swish and just drop it somewhere. Most likely you can't transfer the file.

You get following error if you move local "test_rep.php" on the server and you're watching "public_html"-folder there. Unfortunately Swish tries to mess with "login.php" instead of copying the file on the server.

Error details:
[struct boost::errinfo_api_function_ * ptr64] = libssh2_sftp_open_ex
[struct boost::errinfo_file_name_ *
ptr64] = /home/test/public_html/login.php/test_rep.php


Drag'n'drop should work like in Windows Explorer. You just move files to other folder drag'n'drop-area and that's it. Currently you have to carefully target on the remote folder with the mouse and that's way too much to ask.

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