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Swish shows error message with win-1250-encoded filename

Reported by: milos.krizan@gmail.com Owned by: alamaison
Priority: critical (affects core workflow) Milestone: 0.90 Beta 1
Component: i18n Version: 0.7.4
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I copied folders and files created in (I believe it is) win-1250 (folder example: Obsahové celky nové) via WINSCP SFTP console(default settings).

But I cannot read it or open the folder with Swish (or just see the folder written in win1250 characters coding). It says: Unable to access the directory. You might not have permission. Details: The data are passed to a system call is too small. Bug report information: Dynamic exception type: class boost::system::system_error std::exception::what: The data are passed to a system call is too small.

I believe this is the issue with character coding. So the Swish is unable to recognize the right characters... that's why is not able to open/view a folder/file.

Is there a possibility to fix the bug?
Thank you

I love the project. Cross fingers.



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unable to open folder in Swish

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unable to open folder in Swish

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Firstly, if you use the new version  0.8.0 do you still get an error message, or is the filename just displayed wrongly?

Swish treats all filenames as UTF-8, so does WinSCP since 5.2.5. Am I right in thinking you copied the files using WinSCP < 5.2.5? If so, WinSCP named them on your server using your local PCs encoding (let's assume win-1250) and Swish tries to read them back as UTF-8 which causes the problem you are seeing. At the moment, there isn't an option to make Swish use another encoding (#158).

The only solution is to change the name of the directory to UTF-8 encoding. This isn't such a bad idea anyway because that's what Linux has used for years anyway. I'm curious, if you log into your server directly (i.e. using its screen and keyboard), does it display that folder name correctly? Unless you've changed it's default encoding to something non-UTF-8, it should have the same problem with that filename as Swish does.

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