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swish and xplorer2

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Hi Alan

I have finished the IExplorerCommand work in xplorer2, and the beta is available here


if you right click on the background of your root extension, you should see a NSE submenu with your commands. See if creating a new connection works (it should be ok)

then, try to open a sftp folder in xplorer2 and see how the preview CTRL+Q works. It should show both text and image files in DRAFT mode (and also in NATIVE mode/tab). Do you get all these funny error popups with your version?

also, on a different note, I discovered this abandoned project:


if you ever need further stimulation, you can consider taking it over? It could be an easy job for you, assuming the old author finished all the 7zip plumbing and all that's left is the NSE plumbing (?)


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