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Can't get to user field

Reported by: a.a.l@gmx.net Owned by: alamaison
Priority: major (affects peripheral workflow) Milestone: 0.30 Better dialogues
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I really like the concept of Swish, its clearly the best sftp client I have seen yet. However, for some reason when adding a connection, I often can not place the cursor into the user field. This occurs even when all other field are properly filled in. Seems to be intermittent since I have made a few connections. Unfortunately, limits usefullness, perhaps you can help.

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A few questions

  • Is it just the user field or does it ever happen elsewhere?
  • Are you using the mouse to click on the user field, tabbing with the keyboard or using the shortcut letter (Alt+u)
  • Do you use a screen reader?
  • Do you use voice control software?
  • Do you have a key logger installed?
  • Do you use any remote desktop control software?
  • Is there any other software you use that might hook into the Windows GUI/mouse/keyboard? (Don't worry if you don't understand this question)
  • What version of Windows are you using?

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  • Component changed from authentication to ezel
  • Milestone set to 0.30 Better dialogues

Response received by email:

I am using Windows XP with all updates. The problem only happens with the user field when I click with the mouse.
Have not yet tried other methods for changing fields such as tabbing. (Just tried tabbing and it works).
No voice controlled software, nor key logger but I do use VNC though this was not a remote connection.
"Stock" keyboard and mouse driver.
I have solved the problem by clicking the mouse anywhere outside the dialog box, and then clicking on the user field.
This works. Thanks for your response, hope this is finished soon, good SFTP concept.

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