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#389 Memory leak in explorer undefined defect new anonymous
#394 Session timeout very very short authentication defect new Ludovici
#399 Doesnt work on Windows 10 authentication defect new locvfx@gmail.com
#369 Edit remote files [with gvim] undefined enhancement new xrousselot@hotmail.com
#370 Allow Swish folders to be mapped as Windows drives undefined enhancement new xrousselot@hotmail.com
#246 swish and xplorer2 authentication defect new umeca74@hotmail.com
#250 rewrites address bar in Explorer undefined defect new nvaranki@tut.by
#264 Swish 8.0.exe is detected as a virus by Symantec Endpoint undefined defect accepted debabrata.deb@gmail.com
#274 The port is not valid (between 0 and 65535) undefined defect new swishmessages@therentabrain.com
#287 Unable to access the directory: You might not have permission libssh2 defect new brent@laminarlogic.com
#303 File opens only write protected undefined defect new vogelfr
#368 Error message box appears undefined defect new anonymous
#378 Circular symbolic links not detected - infinite recursion remote folder defect accepted anonymous
#379 Entering a directory also causes traversal of first subdirectory level remote folder defect accepted andulvar@rogers.com
#380 Drag'n'drop is not intuitive undefined defect new anonymous
#382 Was prompted to accept the key, and input the password after each boot undefined defect new anonymous
#384 no idea in windows8 installer defect new Sam, M.Yoshida
#385 IPv6 support undefined defect new anonymous
#386 can't save keys, can't write to known-hosts file host-key defect reopened jason.cipriani@gmail.com
#393 Unable to access the directory undefined defect new gchiham@gmail.com
#396 can't log in NAS (Synology) undefined defect new jm.alkema@home.nl
#398 Editing files in the VPS undefined defect new joetango97@gmail.com
#400 Swish installation doesn't work on windows 10 undefined defect new anonymous
#401 unable to start / redirected (forwarded) TCP Port undefined defect new anonymous
#403 unable to exchange keys undefined defect new andoniu@yahoo.co.uk
#404 swish blocks sometimes frontend defect new anonymous
#225 "Copy" operation host folder enhancement new _zero
#244 Assigning drive letter remote folder enhancement new adam thomas
#288 Multi-Part Download undefined enhancement new earcandy0@gmail.com
#377 Folders remote folder enhancement new anonymous
#381 Can't search to copy and paste undefined enhancement new anonymous
#391 version of swish work on windows 2003 and up undefined enhancement new anonymous
#392 Replace File confirmation Dialog (Yes to All) host folder enhancement accepted athrouss@gmail.com
#226 Bug copying remote folder defect new adrien_08300@hotmail.fr
#390 File extensions not shown, despite windows explorer setting frontend defect new wieser.eric+swish@gmail.com
#408 Editing Documents Through Swish undefined defect new anonymous
#409 Editing Documents Through Swish undefined defect new anonymous
#410 Making an SFTP Connection with an invalid path results in an Exception undefined defect new upgrdman@gmail.com
#238 make swish more usable with 3rd party file managers host folder enhancement accepted umeca74@hotmail.com
#243 Smart Card Integration authentication enhancement new christopher.dailey@gmail.com
#316 Large filesize of installer installer enhancement new anonymous
#371 Permission denied: dragging files from Chrome download bar to swish folder remote folder enhancement new mmilan@leadingresources.com
#375 Properties of addeded connection winapi enhancement new anonymous
#395 Explorer Integration undefined enhancement new adam.kijak@gmail.com
#199 Microsoft Layer for Unicode not available anymore - suggest alternatives for people still on Win9x backend task new klonos@gmail.com
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