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Milestone 0.9.x Bug sprint (18 matches)

Ticket Summary Component Type Status Reporter
#397 No Threading, Locking Windows 8.1 (and 7) backend defect new ikke@ostap.nl
#184 Access problems with symbolic link authentication defect new anonymous
#201 Error downloading from ProFTPD server libssh2 defect accepted regmal@hotmail.com
#209 Won't take username, says it is invalid host management defect accepted woody@lynchburg.edu
#106 I cannot create new folders from XP clients remote folder defect accepted libertr@yahoo.es
#122 Navigation using Up folder button causes explorer window to hang. host folder defect accepted moberle@opnet.com
#193 Session timeout after a very short time authentication defect accepted gmuller64
#239 Unable to save authentication defect new Djokx
#260 Disconnection progress dialog prevents cancelling other progress host folder defect new alamaison
#376 Folder creation on Remote machine via Swish not visible via other SFTP client, and not visible on SFTP server remote folder defect new anonymous
#383 Unable to access the directory. You might not have permission undefined defect new anonymous
#37 Provide a dialogue to edit host information host management enhancement accepted alamaison
#177 Re: Opening unknown file types in notepad remote folder enhancement accepted adkins@drigon.com
#86 symbolic links to directories are shown as file insted directory frontend defect reopened kuschky
#114 Can't connect to localhost if the network is unplugged backend defect accepted alamaison
#194 Unable to create the folder 'New Folder' frontend defect accepted injuhneer@gmail.com
#110 allow renaming the shares host folder enhancement accepted anonymous
#181 New folder shortcuts frontend enhancement accepted piro@pirocast.net

Milestone 0.30 Better dialogues (16 matches)

Ticket Summary Component Type Status Reporter
#115 Can't write to sftp drive, only read remote folder defect accepted anonymous
#54 Tab order is broken on New Connection form host management defect accepted alamaison
#202 Can't get to user field ezel defect accepted a.a.l@gmx.net
#210 Explorer "Open With" Dialogue unavailable in Swish frontend defect accepted devonerik@gmail.com
#133 Swish shortcut as a drop target frontend enhancement accepted k.h.jones@nasa.gov
#46 Need layout manager for forms i18n defect accepted alamaison
#101 Assertion failed error dialog ezel defect accepted martinsm
#190 Wrong language chosen for interface if Windows locale has a non-standard language selected i18n defect accepted bb@rinn.ch
#236 Swish treeview missing from "Computer" frontend defect accepted colin at moorlands dot kiwi dot nz
#242 When the session times out with a window open, I get an error message that implies I don't have permission authentication defect accepted tim@edval.com.au
#255 Opening corrupt EXE gives double error message undefined defect new alamaison
#102 Directories are ordered the same as files (mixed in) frontend enhancement accepted ubergeeknz
#203 Dropping locked file gives unhelpful error message droptarget enhancement accepted alamaison
#212 Windows 7 style explorer window on Windows 8 frontend enhancement accepted anonymous
#257 GUI: position of text entry box [foreign language] frontend enhancement accepted Bilou Gateux
#258 Automatically prompt to add host if none already added host folder enhancement accepted jgnell062@googlemail.com

Milestone 0.50 Address Bar (10 matches)

Ticket Summary Component Type Status Reporter
#25 Use proper `sftp://user@host:port/path` URLs frontend defect accepted alamaison
#84 Improve relevance of error messages frontend defect accepted alamaison
#163 Eliminate the need of entering path host management enhancement accepted anonymous
#24 Support ~/ to mean home directory frontend defect accepted alamaison
#71 Dragging onto existing file displays wrong error message droptarget defect accepted alamaison
#136 Connection to the root remote folder defect accepted DDeVol@bankandoffice.com
#195 Swish path shows // frontend defect accepted injuhneer@gmail.com
#100 creat shortcut host folder enhancement accepted mtyaron@gmail.com
#125 ask for user name when connecting authentication enhancement accepted Manuel
#191 Add 'temporary' connections to connection folder host management enhancement accepted alamaison

Milestone 0.90 Beta 1 (16 matches)

Ticket Summary Component Type Status Reporter
#80 Dropping file to the desktop causes desktop to be blocked. host folder defect accepted zxalexis
#158 Not being able to work with files with accents i18n defect accepted geroni339-noip@yahoo.es
#253 Swish shows error message with win-1250-encoded filename i18n defect accepted milos.krizan@gmail.com
#137 Copying between two SFTP locations fails with "Unspecified error" remote folder defect accepted alamaison
#43 Replace ATL with something free (as in speech) frontend enhancement accepted alamaison
#173 Cant move files into folders remote folder enhancement accepted shawnrask@gmail.com
#256 Improve write performance with larger COPY_CHUNK_SIZE droptarget enhancement new alamaison
#14 EnumObjects failure when no UI allowed should be late as possible frontend defect accepted alamaison
#180 Detail view does not seem to be "sticky" frontend defect accepted b@lzy.sh
#261 Disconnection dialog doesn't disappear on Windows XP host folder defect accepted alamaison
#262 Connected sessions not hilighted on Windows XP host folder defect accepted alamaison
#67 Spinner arrows should be contained within text box ezel enhancement accepted alamaison
#105 No cut function remote folder enhancement accepted groot.opperhoofd@gmail.com
#192 Update libssh2 pageant protocol libssh2 enhancement accepted alamaison
#31 Add raw host-key as expanding detail to dialogs frontend enhancement accepted alamaison
#32 Display known_hosts file path as a footnote in host-key dialogues host-key enhancement accepted alamaison

Milestone 2.0 Extra features (17 matches)

Ticket Summary Component Type Status Reporter
#206 Stream video over SFTP remote folder enhancement accepted TheDulki
#207 Streaming support remote folder enhancement accepted mpbill@gmail.com
#228 Increatse transfer speed with multi segmenting frontend enhancement accepted bryceacc@gmail.com
#42 Windows 98 support broken installer defect accepted alamaison
#200 Sync & Auto Sign-In backend defect accepted feastpocalypse@gmail.com
#249 Swish does not appear in Open dialog undefined defect accepted anonymous
#149 normal FTP server backend enhancement reopened alexander.meyer@leserauskunft.de
#233 Executing applications on remote end remote folder enhancement assigned anonymous
#13 Icons not extracted on Windows 98 frontend defect accepted alamaison
#247 Installer fails to restart explorer.exe when upgrading on Vista installer defect accepted j.vonpreussen@gmail.com
#128 Opening files with File Open common dialog frontend enhancement accepted cole.petersburg@gmail.com
#141 HTTP Proxy Support authentication enhancement accepted big1tree@gmail.com
#143 More protocols: WebDav, S3 backend enhancement accepted anonymous
#145 Data Encryption/Decryption on the fly backend enhancement accepted ogegoon@gmail.com
#174 Request Preview remote folder enhancement accepted djfuego
#186 Cannot drag files as attachment to GMail remote folder enhancement accepted alamaison
#189 Add a setting to not check for updates installer enhancement accepted bb@rinn.ch

Milestone 1.0 Version 1 (7 matches)

Ticket Summary Component Type Status Reporter
#229 Allow blank username authentication enhancement accepted anonymous
#254 Improve upload speed libssh2 defect accepted rajaya@bcm.edu
#234 Context menu is cut to only few options authentication enhancement accepted svimik@mail.ru
#60 Use fancy progress dialogues for DropTarget droptarget enhancement accepted alamaison
#61 Use fancy Confirm Replace dialogue droptarget enhancement accepted alamaison
#77 Thumbnail view frontend enhancement accepted ff3lockez@yahoo.com
#230 Disk free space remote folder enhancement accepted anonymous

Milestone 1.1 Readable properties (3 matches)

Ticket Summary Component Type Status Reporter
#237 Feature Request: Stored Connection Details host management enhancement accepted lee.rich@clinithink.com
#3 Unix permissions need to be displayed as text and available as octal remote folder enhancement accepted alamaison
#28 Add IP version when adding host-key to known_hosts host-key enhancement accepted alamaison

Milestone 1.2 Writeable Properties (1 match)

Ticket Summary Component Type Status Reporter
#402 FX_FAILURE Unable to transfer files libssh2 defect new dave.watsham@virgin.net

Milestone 1.5 Remote save (1 match)

Ticket Summary Component Type Status Reporter
#140 The "New" -> File/Folder/Shortcut context menu isn't available remote folder enhancement accepted kaikai5816787@gmail.com

Milestone (11 matches)

Ticket Summary Component Type Status Reporter
#276 Copying from server copies stale data frontend defect new alamaison
#374 Installing on Windows 8 thinks it is a virus undefined defect new wdhppr@gmail.com
#388 Unable to run on Windows server 2008 R2 64 bit installer defect new tdhung80@gmail.com
#218 Edit with notepad++ or open at all not working in windows 7x64 authentication defect new anonymous
#248 No options for writing to directory. frontend defect new tjbauwens@gmail.com
#272 Not supported on Windows Server 2012 installer defect new sbulathsinghala@virtusa.com
#282 Session timeout after a very short time backend defect new seven@phorus.co.uk
#283 Swish keeps freezing explorer undefined defect new anonymous
#312 installation fails undefined defect new eric.van.den.hout@ciber.nl
#315 Swish 0.8.2 crashes on ​Windows 8.1 frontend defect new anonymous
#367 Windows Explorer crashes on Connect authentication defect new danielhernandez1019@gmail.com
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